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All the Laughs You Could Ever Want Are in NOISES OFF

Third Rail's production is as riotous as any of them, with moments that had me shaking in my seat. It's not perfect - it takes a little while to get started - but it's damn good once it gets going.

Falling Down is Funny

At first gloss, this community-theater chestnut seems like a too-conventional choice for a company whose shows typically skew dark. It's worth remembering, though, that Third Rail has pound-for-pound one of the funniest ensembles in town: Damon Kupper, Isaac Lamb, and Maureen Porter are all hilarious, and the cast is rounded out by some truly delightful performances from Amy Newman and Spencer Conway. These people are funny, and Noises Off gives them a chance to show it. And after the dreary realism of Third Rail's last show, Sweet and Sad (it's about 9/11!), a pratfall-heavy farce makes a nice change of pace.

A Genuine Laugh Riot: Third Rail’s “Noises Off”

If it’s true “timing is everything,” then director Scott Yarbrough and his cast lack for nothing. Entrances, exits, pratfalls, double takes, guffaws, etc., all the things that alchemically create laughs, they execute with an infectious verve.
The second act, in particular, makes brilliant use of the play’s elaborate set with its innumerable doors and multiple levels, using entrances and exits to deploy visual jokes flawlessly and with an audience-crippling speed.

‘Noises Off’ is farces all the way down

I’m not sure you need to know a darn thing about this production other than it’s very well done, right?

Just Opened: Noises Off

Damon Kupper, in a garish orange shirt and (not orange) Carrot Top wig, has a command of physical comedy that’s simultaneously smarmy and daffy. Even daffier is the black bustier-clad Kelly Godell, who spends the play unflappably barreling ahead with careful line readings, even as everything around her crashes into smithereens. And we’d be nowhere without Maureen Porter as the de facto mother hen: She’s the glue holding together both the play and the play within the play.

Third Rail's 'Noises Off' delivers big laughs

Michael Frayn’s “Noises Off,” currently performed by Third Rail Repertory Theatre, is the kind of farce that, if done right, can blow you away with helpless laughter and leave you warmed up inside for quite some time. Third Rail core company members and guest performers do just that, creating magic under the careful direction of Scott Yarbrough, as they take this physically complicated comedy and run with it to the finish line without missing a beat.

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