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A Bright New Boise
photos by Owen Carey
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Photos by
Owen Carey
A Bright New Boise
by Samuel D. Hunter
May 31, 2013 through June 23, 2013

Third Rail is thrilled to introduce Portland to another Obie-winner, Samuel D. Hunter, and his bright new comedy about some very serious things, A BRIGHT NEW BOISE. Something’s coming to make things right. Something’s coming to ease your pain. Something’s coming to set you free. Something’s coming... Something’s coming... Something’s here? What are the odds of God’s final act taking place in the parking lot of a big-box store? Better than you might think. This shocking and hilarious examination of rural America’s love-hate relationship with religion will rock your preconceived notions as surely as it will break your heart.

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Andy Lee-Hillstrom
Jacklyn Maddux
Chris Murray
Kerry Ryan
Tim True
Director - John Vreeke
Production Manager - Don Crossley
Production Manager - Cameron McFee
Technical Director - Demetri Pavlatos
Set Design - Larry Larsen
Lighting Design - Kristeen Crosser
Sound Design - Cecil Everett
Video Design - Isaac Lamb
Scenic Construction - Lunar Theatrical
Costume Design - Emily Horton
Props Master - Drew Dannhorn
Stage Manager - Michelle Jazuk
Master Electrician - Jason Winslow
Light Board Op - Jennifer Lin
Deck Hand/Venue Steward - Jen Raynak
Assistant Technical Director - Jason Winslow

Third Rail Gets Existential in A Bright New Boise
"THE ABSOLUTE WORST feeling to walk out of a theater with is "So what?" So what, you actors sure do like the sound of your own voice. So what, I did this instead of watching Arrested Development? But it's rare to feel that way after a Third Rail show—their existence is a sustained argument for the ongoing relevance of theater as an art form, an argument I wish more companies were making." - Portland Mercury

Review: Third Rail's 'A Bright New Boise'
"As staged by director John Vreeke and Third Rail Repertory, A Bright New Boise, now entering its final week, is a marvelous and precariously balanced sculpture of working-class humor, deep thought, and spiritually tragic events that makes a number of incisive observations, applied with subtlety, and sans half-baked conclusions. Like any worthwhile work of art, those are left for us to sift and sort through." - Portland Monthly

Something to Believe In? Third Rail’s ‘A Bright New Boise’
"Pauline (the excellent Jacklyn Maddux) is the gruff — and profane — but loving boss, mohawk wearing Leroy (an intense, funny Chris Murray) is the resident malcontent, and Anna (Kerry Ryan in a nice comedic turn) is the ditz. At the play’s center are Will (Tim True in a magnificent performance) and Alex (the amazing Andy Lee Hillstrom), the son he gave up for adoption 17 years ago, and who he has come to Boise, and the Hobby Lobby, in the hopes of reuniting with." - PQ Monthly

The end times at the strip mall.
"Under the fluorescent lights of the employee break room, Will and Alex trade dialogue marked by fits and starts, or interrupted by the entrance of another blue-vested worker: Jacklyn Maddux’s sailor-mouthed and corporate-minded supervisor, Pauline; Kerry Ryan’s bumbling loner, who hides in the silk-flower section after hours and jabbers without thinking; and Chris Murray’s misguided art student, who tries to shake up customers by wearing T-shirts emblazoned with “FUCK” or “CUNT.” These actors play their tragicomic roles deftly." - Willamette Week

'A Bright New Boise' shines at the Winningstad
"The faith vs. art theme emerges in a struggle for influence over Alex, between the devout Will and confrontational art-student Leroy, Alex’s adoptive brother, played by Chris Murray with a mix of well-meaning protectiveness and juvenile arrogance. Meanwhile, alternative belief systems of mainstream materialism and mainstream liberal religion are represented by, respectively, a practical yet foul-mouthed store manager (an offhandedly funny Jacklyn Maddux) and a lonely Lutheran store clerk (rendered perfectly, hilariously awkward by Kerry Ryan)." - The Oregonian

"It’s both delicate and dark, a portrayal that reminds that no matter how long you’ve lived, you never, ever know what’s really going on in someone else’s head." - The Washington Post

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