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The Wonderful World of Dissocia
illustration by
Lee Moyer
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Photos by
Owen Carey
The Wonderful World of Dissocia
by Anthony Neilson
January 28, 2011 through February 20, 2011

Lisa Jones has been feeling a bit off. One hour off, in fact; the hour she lost when her flight to London crossed the Greenwich meridian at the exact moment daylight savings time ended. To retrieve her wandering hour, Lisa must take a journey…to Dissocia, where cars fly, bears sing, and the Black Dog King reigns. This wildly inventive, fearlessly smart, and relentlessly surprising play by the author of The Lying Kind will take you places you never expected and will never forget.

Philip Cuomo
Stephanie Gaslin
Damon Kupper
Isaac Lamb
Maureen Porter
John Steinkamp
Valerie Stevens
Tim True
Director - Slayden Scott Yarbrough
Assistant Director - Amy Beth Frankel
Scenic Design - Curt Enderle
Costume Design - Emily Horton
Lighting Design - Don Crossley
Sound Design and Composition - Sam Kusnetz
Dialect Coach - Stephanie Gaslin
Production Manager - Don Crossley
Production Manager - Jen Raynak
Stage Manager - Clair Callaway
Technical Director - Demetri Pavlatos
Scenic Construction - Lunar Theatrical
Props Master - Drew Dannhorn
Master Electrician - Jason Winslow
Deck Crew - Nick Matlick
Deck Crew - Connery MacRae
Wardrobe - Jamie Hammon
Light Operator - Jennifer Lin
Sound and Video Operator - Cameron McFee

Maureen Porter in the realms of the unreal.
The set, lighting and sound design are excellent; the cast seems tireless. Porter, who spends two exhausting hours without leaving the stage, deserves a medal. - Willamette Week

The Wonderful World of Dissocia
It features some of the most impressive technical design you're likely to see on a Portland stage this year—it's full of dazzling, "only in the theater" moments, and the supporting cast sees Third Rail favorites like Philip Cuomo and Tim True deployed to great comic effect. - Portland Mercury

Third Rail Rep conquers 'The Wonderful World of Dissocia'
This is complex territory, emotionally and theatrically, yet this production stays remarkably surefooted at every step. - The Oregonian

Third Rail Rep explores two sides of 'The Wonderful World of Dissocia'
"...the play seems like an ideal Third Rail vehicle, containing both antic comedy and thoughtful drama, a mix of wild theatricality and stark realism, of conceptual daring and deep feeling." - The Oregonian

Third Rail Rep previews 'The Wonderful World of Dissocia' with a playful video clip
"...they're clearly having fun with the concepts -- as demonstrated by a promotional video they've put together, featuring "Dissocia" star Maureen Porter and a variety of other Third Rail company members and friends." - The Oregonian

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